Anish Bhusal

Software Developer


About Me

Computer Engineer | Software Developer at RARA Labs | Interested to work in data science, backend web development and random projects that I find interesting on bow-tie web.


Pulchowk Campus

Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University

Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering

High School

National Integrated College(NIC) HSS

+2 Science
Higher Secondary Education Board-HSEB

School Leaving Certificate-SLC

Arghakhanchi Secondary School



Oct 2019 - Present

Software Developer

Sireto Technology

May 2019 - July 2019

Software Developer Intern

LIS Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Jan 2019 - July 2019

Software Developer Intern


Disaster Assessment From Satellite Imagery By Analysing Topographical Features Using Deep Learning

This project deals with the assessment of disaster impact through the analysis of satellite imagery using deep learning techniques. Uses semantic segmentation on pre and post disaster satellite images to detect regions with maximal damage.

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Dairy Record Management And Production Data Analytics System in Django. It features record keeping (like Milk Purchase Record, Stock Records, Product Sales Records, Operational Cost Records), custom Nepali date format, easier report analysis.

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Computer Vision Based Vehicle Classification and Traffic Congestion Mapping in Kathmandu Valley

An application based on Deep Learning and Computer Vision techniques to track/monitor the traffic mobility in the roads of Nepal. Custom built dataset containing >3800 images of Nepali vehicles was used to classify vehicles in the road. Technology Used: Python, Django, OpenCV, Deep Learning (YOLO CNN)

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Smart Traffic Lights

An Instrumentation Project for LOCUS 2018 with vehicular density based traffic light timings for easier traffic mobility. Technology Used: C++, MATLAB.

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An arcade car racing game built using C++ and SFML.

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